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Supercharge Interactions & Transform Services with AI Voice Bots

Transform Clinic Reception, Modernize Restaurant Orders, Advance Support with AI Voices.

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Give us a try by calling the DataBot reception desk. Ask our receptionist, Grace, questions about DataBot, or ask her to patch you through to Nathan via phone. We'd love to chat!

A solution for every industry

Automate phone calls in healthcare, real estate, logistics,financial services, alternative data, and small business.

Boost your conversion rate as much as 8x by calling inbound leads the moment they fill out your website form.

Inbound Sales


Offer a 24/7 support agent to answer customers’ questions and collect their contact info to call back later.

Customer Support


Call pharmacies, apartment complexes, and larger organizations to collect and create valuable datasets.

B2B Data Collection


Introducing Your AI Allies


Front Office

Grace reads incoming fax referrals, calls referring providers for missing information, and calls patients to schedule appointments.


Hindi Tutor


Sanjay aids non-Hindi speakers, facilitating conversation and translation via phone.


Private Secretary

Maryann oversees schedules, manages communications, and aids in tasks. She ensures follow-up on assigned tasks.


Customer Service


Max resolves tech issues, manages accounts, and answers queries via voice, boosting satisfaction and cutting support costs.

Save time and call more patients with AI.

Eliminate wasted time, save valuable resources, and improve patient engagement with AI bots indistinguishable from humans.

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